As a leading Dentist, Dr Jafari first priority is ensuring positive outcomes for his patients.  Helping people maintain healthy smiles and providing top quality care is the priority.  In the East Bay, the Sky Dental practice provides comprehensive care at competitive prices to the community.  Sky Dental has been doing this for over a decade with literally thousands of satisfied patients.  Dont take our word for it though, read more about the dental experiences of former and current patients on Yelp.

In 2015 Dr. Jafari and his team of pediatric dentists, orthodontists and cosmetic dentists will be hard at work.  One point the Sky Dental team makes, is not to delay tooth problems.  Healthy gums, healthy enamel and a good smile must last a lifetime.  He advises patients to come in and get a full professional cleaning at least two times a year.  They understand your schedule may be busy, but will work hard to ensure the patient experience is a positive and convenient one.  Often times after the holidays tooth decay is accelerated due to heavy eating of sugary snacks and treats.  While a sweet tooth is understandable over holidays, delaying treatment could cause further complications and turn small problems into larger ones.

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